Summary of ThatsGood e-Presentation Gold

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ThatsGood e-Presenation Gold
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Model Name/No. TGEP-Gold
Desktop communications software
Detailed Product Description
ThatsGood e-Presentation is the system software for implementing ''''PaperLess Meeting System(PLMS)'''' to facilitate us to coordinate various indoor activities such as presentation, conference and lecture.

- Meeting using transmission of screen casting to multi-user thru the Internet in real-time
- Meeting using document control(PowerPoint, Jeongum Global, PDF)
- Feature that every printable document format such as HWP is converted to PDF and transmitted to the server automatically
- Video conference using 640x480 video and voice transmission
- Video conference using PowerPoint
- Marking and transmission by presenter/presentee using pressure detecting pen marking
- Recording meeting screen and storing as FLV file
- Video conference thru the Internet with external staff or branch offices
- Sending email including memo information made by attendancee in the meeting
- Reviewing document before meeting and open extra document while meeting
- Storing of meeting data of individual attendancees
- Remote registration of meeting data of presenter
- Administrator’s control for attendancees’ PC(Shut down, Startup, Reboot, Module termination, etc.)
- Monitoring meeting status of attendancees(network connection, connection termination, etc.)
- Presenter also see attendancee’s screen in the meeting on the 1:1 mode.
- Pushing awaiting screen(changeable image) or black screen
- Bigger icon toolbar option
- Supports keyboard operation while presentation thru wireless pointer
- Admin’s message sending to individual attendancee and attendancee’s calling admin feature
- Signing with pen marking feature
- Multi-language conference using multi-language document
- Real-time sharing of presenter’s mouse location
- Attendancee confirm and signing using fingerprint authorization
- Total traffic(QoS) management checking network status
- Voice sharing secured Internet thru VoIP Module(Optional)
- Provides protocol for the linkage with external meeting control tool in the meeting(Optional)
- Feature that attendancee’s UI changes from FullScreen mode to Seminar mode
- Feature that co-presenter present using the PC in screen transmission thru the Internet
- Remote control individual attendancee’s PC thru the Internet
- Chatting feature
- Monitoring of log on/off and connection info of attendancees
- Adding toolbar for easy-to-use
- Attendancee’s camcorder and audio setup
- Fixing toolbar vertical not to hide presentation data

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Tel +82-2-867-0007
Fax +82-303-0007-1204
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